About Us

Ahmad and Elizabeth El-Hindi at Krak des Chevaliers, a famous crusader castle near the town of al-Husn, Syria.

The Ahmad and Elizabeth El-Hindi Foundation is a charitable educational organization dedicated to advancing opportunities through cross-cultural collaboration. As part of this effort, the foundation promotes the awareness of Arab culture and Islamic civilization, along with other world cultures and religions, with the view that such awareness forms the basis for universal understanding and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

In this era of globalization and interdependence, harnessing the potential of cross-cultural collaboration is more important than ever before. The Ahmad and Elizabeth El-Hindi Foundation supports this effort through a variety of programs that promote cross-cultural opportunities and raise awareness of Arabic and Islamic history and culture. The foundation supports both local and national educational and outreach efforts.  Educational and outreach organizations which have been supported by the Ahmad and Elizabeth El-Hind Foundation include: InterFaith Works of Central New York, The Rahma Clinic, The North Side Learning Center, The Washington Foreign Law Society, The Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse, and  Syracuse University Press.


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